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System Outages: We are sorry for the ongoing periodic RTI system failure, caused by a BT line fault at our radio communications site. Engineers have been notified, and we are awaiting restoration of normal service.

Welcome to Oxontime, the home of Real-Time Information for Oxfordshire's bus users. Our aim is to help improve your experience of using the bus network across and beyond the county.


Many bus services are now equipped for automatic satellite-tracking and this is used to predict their arrival at stops along their route in 'real-time'.

  • to find departure information for specific bus stops please go to the 'Search Options' page - there are several options for finding your bus stop
  • to find out which bus operators and services are covered - and those that are not - please go to our  'Coverage' page; for local issues that might currently be affecting the Oxontime service select 'News / Status' page
  • you can find out more about Oxontime on our 'About Oxontime' page or find some helpful hints on the 'Instructions' page
  • we also provide an OxonTime 'SMS service' for those that like to txt